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C-X-C chemokine receptor 2

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Phenotype Summary:

PBL terminal - increased CD4 αβ effector T cells in males and females, increased CD8 αβ effector T cells in males, increased γδ T cells in males and females, decreased B cells in females, increased neutrophils in females and monocytes in females and males; no difference in heterozygous mice
Spleen - Decreased total CD8 αβ T-cells, increased effector CD4 αβ T-cells, effector CD4+ NKT cells and effector γδ T cells, decreased resting T/NK cell subsets (γδ T cells, CD4 αβ T-cells, CD8 αβ T-cells, NK cells), increased CD103+ CD11blow conventional Dendritic cells, increased eosinophils
Mesenteric Lymph Node - Increased effector γδ cells and KLRG1+ CD8 αβ T cells
Bone Marrow - Increased Granulocyte precursors, decreased T cells, decreased B cell lineage populations (total B cell precursors, Immature B cells (hardy fraction E), Mature B cells (hardy fraction F), Pre-b cells (hardy fraction D), Pre-pro B cells (hardy fraction A))
Plasma Chemistry - Decreased glucose and increased creatinine in heterozygous females; decreased total protein in homozygous males and females
Anti-nuclear antibody assay - Increased anti-nuclear antibodies in serum
Salmonella Challenge - Increased weight loss and bacterial count in liver and ceacal contents

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